Pre-K Prep Curriculum: Superhero Week

We are somehow already in the middle of summer! I need time to slow down a bit. I have thoroughly been enjoying these slower, less structured summer days with our boys. H is only occasionally going to preschool during the summer, so I decided to create a “Pre-K Prep” curriculum series to give us a…… Continue reading Pre-K Prep Curriculum: Superhero Week

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2022 Race Recap

My second marathon is in the books and after a few days since running it, I’m ready to recap it! I ran the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon June 5th. I chose this course because it is a net downhill and it was relatively local to where we live. I was hoping to chase down a…… Continue reading Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2022 Race Recap

Thatcher’s First Birthday Party: ONE Happy Camper!

Thatcher is officially one year old! Truly cannot believe how quickly this past year went. I learned a lesson or two from throwing Hudson’s first party, so I kept things simpler for Thatcher’s first birthday celebration, but it turned out to still be a very special and memorable celebration. He had lot of giggles and…… Continue reading Thatcher’s First Birthday Party: ONE Happy Camper!

Marathon Training: Recap #3

And just like that, the third phase of training is complete! This phase of training was another solid one. Workouts were a bit of a mixed bag but worked on rolling with it even when they did not match the plan on paper. Long runs also had to get creative with different routes and days…… Continue reading Marathon Training: Recap #3

How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day (with kids)

I am a fan of Valentine’s Day. It always feels like a fun holiday, especially with kids! I don’t go crazy with this holiday, but I do like planning a few intentional things to help make the day feel special. I thought I would share a few things we are doing this year. Also, I…… Continue reading How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day (with kids)

Our First Family Ski Trip: Mammoth, CA

The first time I ever went skiing was in December 2016. It was before kids and the first winter post-collegiate running. On this particular trip, I had a meltdown moment on the top of the mountain. This was literally my first time ever skiing and at the time we could not afford lessons for ourselves.…… Continue reading Our First Family Ski Trip: Mammoth, CA