How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day (with kids)

I am a fan of Valentine’s Day. It always feels like a fun holiday, especially with kids! I don’t go crazy with this holiday, but I do like planning a few intentional things to help make the day feel special. I thought I would share a few things we are doing this year. Also, I…… Continue reading How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day (with kids)

Hudson’s Third Birthday: Shark-Themed Party

It is crazy that our little baby is already 3 years-old! His birthday was already a couple weeks ago and I still can’t believe I have a 3 year-old. There is something about this year’s birthday that got me feeling really emotional. At two, Hudson still felt like he was our baby, but now at…… Continue reading Hudson’s Third Birthday: Shark-Themed Party

Hudson’s 2nd Birthday Party: Trash Truck Theme

For Hudson’s 2nd birthday party, we celebrated just with family at our home.  Before the pandemic, I had grand plans of throwing him a party at an indoor soccer facility and inviting lots of people and planning lots of things.  Of course all of those plans in my head did not happen, but the result…… Continue reading Hudson’s 2nd Birthday Party: Trash Truck Theme