How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day (with kids)

I am a fan of Valentine’s Day. It always feels like a fun holiday, especially with kids! I don’t go crazy with this holiday, but I do like planning a few intentional things to help make the day feel special. I thought I would share a few things we are doing this year. Also, I meant to write this days ago but here we are on Valentine’s Day!

1. 14 Days of Love Letters:

On the last day of January, I write out 14 love letters to our boys. I keep it short and simple but for each day leading up to Valentine’s Day they have a letter to read that tells them one thing we love about them! I stick them up on the wall and H opens it every morning. It is a fun thing for H to look forward to! I think hearing specific things we love about him is a good heart fill up for him too!

2. Valentine/Love themed books:

I always try to check out a ton of themed books from the library. Here are a few of our favorites: A Crankenstein Valentine, The Day it Rained Hearts, The Valentine Bears , Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!, Love Monster and the Last Chocolate, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose

3. Valentine Party with friends:

We had a few friends over for a Valentine themed play date compete with heart-shaped pizza, crafts, and 6 crazy boys! It was chaos but I think it was a special afternoon for H and his friends!

4. Valentine Activities:

This year, I didn’t really feel like doing a ton of activities. I feel like he gets this when he is in preschool, but if you are looking for some fun and intentional learning activities, you can check out my Valentine’s Day curriculum. The one thing I did do was create a tray for H to easily decorate Valentine cards that I just left out on the art table. I also made some pink glittery play-dough that we put in jars for his friends for the play date. The extra I used for a cupcake setup for H to play with. I used to create more elaborate trays but I have learned that it is always more successful when I just give him the play-dough and a cupcake tray! For the play-dough, I usually use this recipe and to make it more Valentine-y added red dye and glitter.

5. Valentine Photoshoot:

I wanted to get some cute photos of the boys together. It was hard to get them both smiling, but still got some cute shots of them.

6. Homemade Valentines:

For H’s Valentines for his friends at school, I had him do a marble art project. We do this process art slightly different. We first drop in some paint on paper and then I let H throw in the marbles and shake it up. I find that the less paint, the better. This is the perfect project for H right now because he is really into marbles and hockey. He pretended to have a full on hockey game with the marbles as he painted. Each one turned out so different! Once they were all dry, I cut them out into hearts and tied them to little Kleenex packs I picked up at the dollar tree and wrote the phrase “I care about you!” He’s still at the age where he doesn’t have a big opinion over things like this so I am rolling with it.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a wonderful day. And remember in your kids’ eyes, just a couple intentional things like, making heart-shaped cinnamon rolls with store bought dough and putting gum balls in a glass jar with a card is more than enough to make the day feel extra special.

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