Running Update

Since running the Mountain 2 Beach Marathon back in early June, I have been enjoying running in a new way. I used to train for things and then when the race was over, I would full on stop running. I was all in or all out. Recently, I’ve been learning my need for running, regardless if I have a race on the calendar or not. My body craves consistent movement. It is good for me in more ways than one.

It has been super enjoyable to keep a consistent and low-key running routine. Currently, I’m running 4 days per week and running 25-28 miles per week. I’ll maybe do one workout, which usually is just trying to run a bit faster than normal. I’ll try to get in one run that is longer. For me, longer is 8-10. I also have 2 days of 30 minutes on the Peloton. This routine feels super manageable and it feels like just the right amount to stay at a great baseline fitness. Could I run faster if I was running more mileage/more intense workouts? Yep, probably. But, to me, right now, it is more exciting that I can still perform and compete well in local races and have the potential to be faster if I dial up my training.

Before I forget, I want to jot down a few of the things that are making running so fun for me right now:

1. Worship music on an early morning run. Sometimes I listen to podcasts and sometimes I listen to peloton outdoor run classes. However, right now, my soul seems to be craving worship music on the run, especially when I run first thing. I am very thankful that After Shokz sent me a beautiful new pair of their open run pro headphones. These are hands down the very very best headphones, especially for runners. They easily stay in place on my head and my ears are left open so I can hear surrounding sounds better. I love these headphones so much. Check them out here.

Favorite headphones!

2. Running errands on the run. The other day I needed to pick up stamps from the post office, so on my way back, I stopped at the post office and ran a mile back with pretty floral stamps tucked away. There is something so satisfying about incorporating the reality of daily life into running.

3. Cute running outfits. Currently very obsessed with North Face’s running gear. It is so light and comfortable on the run. They sent us a couple shorts and running tanks and I’m running in them all the time.

4. Running in the rain. Last week, it actually rained a couple days here in socal. Running in the rain is one of my very favorite things. I love the smell and the way that it reminds me that there is not much that can stop me from getting outside and moving.

5. Running in the pockets of time that I have. This has been something I have been thinking about a lot. I used to come up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t go on a run. Not enough time, energy, etc. Now, my time is so limited, that any opportunity I have to get a run in; I take it. Even if I just ate Chick-Fila an hour ago or I only have 18 minutes or it is 90 degrees out in October. If I hear Lance say, “go run,” I go. I don’t think twice. I lace up and I start. In over a decade of falling in and out of love with the sport, I have learned to not take the opportunity to go out and run for granted. I love running when I can, even if I only have time to squeeze in a couple miles. A little running is always better than no running. I am thankful for being able to run in pockets of time.

6. Running with friends. Lately I’ve been in a really sweet season where I get the opportunity to run with friends 1-2 times per week. This is my favorite type of run. It is so nice to connect and build friendship while running. I’m thankful to have a good running friend that lives in the neighborhood. We’ve been doing little runs together in the neighborhood and it makes me so happy to do this together. I love a solo run too, but lately I am so much more motivated to get out and run when I have friends to do it with.

I truly am loving this season of running! It also was pretty awesome to win the MB 10k earlier this month! I am loving this freedom to train how I want and to compete while still enjoying the whole process. Looking forward to running the turkey trot with Lance and my mom in a few weeks!


3 thoughts on “Running Update

  1. so cool……I’m there, I’ve gotta train….I’ve found just training like a triathele helps me, swim, bike and run a bunch….I need to find some way to add yoga and weights, but only so many hours in the week…….we’re into the season of cold and snow, but love that too…running on trails with no street lights, looking up and going wow….so many stars!


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