Summer 2022 Reflection

Summer 2022 was a good one. It was full of a lot of slow, simple days. As I wrote last year, I was not ready for summer to end. I wanted more summer. For some reason, this year I feel ready for fall. Not that summer was bad, it definitely wasn’t. I think I’m just ready to fall back into some good, fall rhythms.

One of the reasons this summer felt especially exhausting is because it was my first summer not just chasing around one little boy, but two! Thatcher started walking 3 days after his first birthday. Both my boys are very active and this summer felt a bit crazy chasing around these 2 boys.

Hudson also was home a ton and just went into preschool a few mornings per month. With all this said, I am still very grateful for these simple, summer days together. Here are a few of our summer highlights:

1. Lots of outdoor time: beach, parks, and splash pads! We went to three different splash pads, the favorite was definitely the Sprayground in Laguna Niguel. It was Labor Day and kids were tired so didn’t play much on it, but it was really nice, enclosed and not too crowded. Hudson also got very comfortable in the ocean this summer! He goes under waves like a pro. It’s so fun to watch him become so comfortable in the ocean. We also enjoyed going stand up paddling with Grammy and Papa!

2. Adventure days. We got to have a few special day outings. We went to the Dodgers Game to celebrate Father’s Day! We rode the carousel with Nanny at South Coast Plaza and went to the Lego Store (this is what began the Lego/Batman obsession). We had a fun day at Adventure Playground with MOMS club friends. Towards the end of summer, we finally made it to the Huntington Library in Pasadena. We spent all summer trying to get in to the free Thursday and finally got in for September! It was hot, but so beautiful. The kids loved the Children’s Garden. We also enjoyed a day at the Cayton Children’s Museum with auntie. Can’t forget another adventure: Hudson’s first time in the movie theatre! We saw Sing! and H loved the whole experience. Regal theaters offer $2 movies during the summer.

3. Fun local races. The 4th of July 5k was super fun (I got 2nd and Hudson had so much fun running in his first race. I also decided to run the Manhattan Mile and got third. Both races were my first time winning prize money, which was fun and exciting! I really enjoyed having a good, consistent, and light summer of training. It feels so good to not run a ton, but still stay in good shape with 4 days of running per week and cross-training on the bike. Not exactly sure when I will train for another marathon. Right now, I’m enjoying running shorter, local races.

4. Afternoons in the pool. Last summer, Hudson learned to swim. This summer, it was such a joy to watch H continue to develop his confidence in the water and for T to become a little water baby. By the end of summer, we put floaties on him and he confidently splashed and played in the water with big bro.

5. VBS Week. What a joy to watch Hudson LOVE Vacation Bible School. It really has been so wonderful to watch his little heart grow to know and love God over this past year. This was special time together with just H and I. I was one of the lead teachers in his group, which also helped him feel even more comfortable.

6. Celebrated 7 years of marriage! We had a really nice day trip to Malibu with the four of us. We hiked at Point Dume and got to enjoy the beach almost all to ourselves. We had a nice Italian lunch at the Malibu Country Mart as the boys played at the little park. It was a beautiful day in one of our favorite places. Summer is always a season of lots of celebrating and this year’s anniversary celebration felt especially special.

7. Our El Capitan trip. You can read all about it here. This was the perfect way to end our summer and a major highlight!

This was our summer. A perfect combination of adventure and rest. Lots of ordinary (and some very long) days. And some really special memories made. This summer I seemed to care less about punctual bedtimes and organized activities. A lot of the things I had on our summer list did not get crossed off, but the important ones did. We spent a lot of time together. Most of my memories this summer revolve around the people we saw, not so much what we did.

Somehow I am finally posting this + it is already October! Time sure seems to be moving.


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