Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2022 Race Recap

My second marathon is in the books and after a few days since running it, I’m ready to recap it! I ran the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon June 5th. I chose this course because it is a net downhill and it was relatively local to where we live. I was hoping to chase down a…… Continue reading Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2022 Race Recap

Marathon Training: Recap #3

And just like that, the third phase of training is complete! This phase of training was another solid one. Workouts were a bit of a mixed bag but worked on rolling with it even when they did not match the plan on paper. Long runs also had to get creative with different routes and days…… Continue reading Marathon Training: Recap #3

My First Virtual Race Experience: 10k Edition

Last Saturday morning, I sipped my coffee and ate my typical pre-race breakfast of almond butter + oatmeal.  And to the pit of my stomach, I felt the race nerves building.   Here is a little confession: I was nervous for my virtual 10k I was running in a couple hours.  You might think this is…… Continue reading My First Virtual Race Experience: 10k Edition

To Believe She Can

This mama needs to believe she can.  I have always struggled with self-doubt.  I am not pretty enough, fast enough, smart enough, bold enough.  I can’t run that fast— I am not strong enough.  I can’t possibly get that job position—I am not qualified enough.  The not enoughs and cannots have been running through my inner…… Continue reading To Believe She Can