Marathon Training: Recap #3

And just like that, the third phase of training is complete!

This phase of training was another solid one. Workouts were a bit of a mixed bag but worked on rolling with it even when they did not match the plan on paper. Long runs also had to get creative with different routes and days to be able to fit them in with teeball games but the mileage was hit. The highlight of this training cycle definitely was the 21 miler I did in Palos Verdes. This is one of my favorite training runs called The Drives. It is one giant 21 mile rolling hill loop. More on this to come.

The Mileage

Week 1: 50

Week 2: 51

Week 3: 54

Week 4: 42

The mileage has stayed basically the same from phase 2. Only difference is it bumped up to 54 miles for the third week. And that is the highest I will run this training cycle. Definitely conservative, but I really think it is more than enough. I am feeling so much more confident in this weekly mileage than I did a few weeks ago. This is what is working for me in my season of life.

The Workouts

Week 1: This week I met up with an old high school running friend and we did a workout together. We did a 3 mile tempo that was super enjoyable. It reminded me the importance of working out with friends. I have a tendency to get too serious and even nervous over workouts. This workout felt a lot more fun and light. I then did 4 hard 800 efforts.

Week 2: 4 mile tempo (5:54, 6:02, 5:55, 5:55) + 2 x 1000 (3:23, 3:20) This workout was first time I tested out my new shoes…I debated this shoe choice a ton, but I love them. They definitely give me a boost and I am here for it. Super shoes or not, I know I put the training in, but wearing these shoes is definitely a little extra confidence.

Week 3: This was the workout that did not go according to plans, but still a good effort. Lance had mapped out loops for me to do that was rolling hills and would total 3 miles. Within half a mile of starting this tempo effort, I had to turn around because there was construction blocking a huge segment of the loop. I had to improvise and go a random way up and down streets but got the 3 miles in and only yelled a little bit at Lance in the middle. Why do I get so easily frustrated when plans do not go perfectly? Really working on growing in this area. All this to say, I don’t even really know mile splits on this tempo but it was a good practice of continuing to work on “rolling with it” and had LOTS of rolling hills. After, I met up with a friend and we did 3 x 1000 loops on a grass field. I was beginning to feel some foot pain so wanted to try to get as much softer surfaces as possible.

Week 4: 6 mile tempo! This tempo was probably one of my best longer tempos. And yes I was wearing the shoes. Goal was to start out faster for first mile. Settle in for mile 2-5. And kick things back into gear the 6th mile. Mile splits: 5:55, 5:54, 6:00, 6:10, 6:10, 6:02.

The Long Runs

Such a great long. Of course, recovering immediately with our protein powder!

Week 1: 17 miles

Week 2: 18 miles

Week 3: 21 miles! Super proud of this run. Lance biked with me and it was a beautiful long run in PV. It was really important for me to get one of these loops in and I’m really glad we prioritized and made it happen. It involved a fair amount of planning and even waking the kids up early to drop off at my parents house, but I’m glad with the help of my parents, we were able to make it happen. This run was a big mental confident booster for me. It gave me hope that my sub 2:50 goal is within reach. My goal was to be faster than last time I ran this same course- 2:37. I ran it in 2:33 with an average of 7:18 pace. I was really happy with the effort. My calves did cramp up a bit in last mile, but as a whole felt strong and controlled.

Week 4: 15 miles

One of my bigger takeaways for this phase in training is that it is really hard to train for a marathon with regular life. And regular life usually needs to take precedence over my running. That doesn’t mean I need to cancel runs, it just means I need to get creative and flexible with how I squeeze the miles in to my schedule. Being present at tee ball games will always take the priority over getting in the perfect long run. And this is the place I want running to have in my life. My life is certainly not all about being a runner, but I sure do appreciate those pockets of time when I get to run long, breathe hard, and focus on chasing down the big goals I’m allowing myself to still dream up.

With that said, I have just one final phase of training. It’s finally time to taper! Thankfully not injured, but body is definitely feeling overtired and not as sharp. Really looking forward to resting, reducing mileage, getting in strides, and focusing on all the little details before race day!


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