Fall Activity Ideas for Little Ones

Happy second official day of fall! As I wrote in my last post, summer was so good that I have been in no rush to move onto all things pumpkins. This 80 degree weather we have been having this week is also making it hard to dream of sweaters + hot pumpkin lattes, but since yesterday was the first official day, I will try to get into the fall spirit!

Fall has always been a favorite time of year for me. Even though we really do not feel much of a change of weather living in Southern California, I do love to pretend as we sweat in our sweaters and flannels at the pumpkin patch in October.

A couple years ago, I wrote a post about a few fall ideas to do with a toddler! I wrote this post when Hudson was just a bit over a year old. Most of the list contains pretty simple ways you can celebrate the season with a little one!

Now that I have a 3 year-old, it is fun to use this festive time of year to incorporate some themed learning! Last year, I created a Halloween-themed curriculum designed for 2-3 year olds. You can find it here on my TpT shop. This week of curriculum contains a calendar with book suggestions and activities that pair with these books. All the activity printables are included in the curriculum. There is bat circle tracing and jack-o-lantern shape practice! It was really fun to do with my 2-year old last fall and we will definitely be breaking out these activities again this year. I also have a similar one designed for celebrating Thanksgiving.

Along with breaking out these learning activities, this year I really want to experience the season of fall with my boys. Our fall schedule is a little more packed this year with preschool + soccer games on weekends, but with the time we do have, I definitely want to prioritize doing some fall activities as a family! I created a fall bucket list and stuck it up on our fridge! I can’t wait to really experience this season with our two littles! I hope you too can enjoy this time of year with your family!


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