Pre-K Prep Curriculum: Superhero Week

We are somehow already in the middle of summer! I need time to slow down a bit. I have thoroughly been enjoying these slower, less structured summer days with our boys. H is only occasionally going to preschool during the summer, so I decided to create a “Pre-K Prep” curriculum series to give us a small amount of structure this summer. Mostly we are just playing and soaking up all the sunshine we can get, but a theme week is always fun. H is obsessed with all things superheroes, especially Spiderman and the Avengers. This superhero week of curriculum is perfect for your superhero lover and I tried to intentionally keep it pretty general! Most of the books I chose are just about a “superhero.” A lot of the themes are about doing what is right! I love the whole superhero obsession, but I also want to be intentional to not focus TOO much on the whole “bad guy”/violent element that some superhero storylines have.

You can get this Superhero Week for just $5 at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop! I truly appreciate ALL the support for this little shop of mine. I love creating and curating intentional themed weeks for your little ones.

The main learning goals I am working on with H (4 years-old) right now are:

  1. Writing his first name
  2. Recognizing and reciting all letters
  3. Counting to 20 and recognizing numbers 1-10
  4. Creating more detailed drawings and storylines (that I write down)

This weeklong curriculum has fun themed activities that each work on targeting one of the above goals! There is a calendar to keep you organized with great quality book suggestions (all of which I checked out at our local library!).

So what are you waiting for? Grab this fun Superhero week and just print/prep and enjoy the fun of learning + creating together. Enjoy and happy summer! P.S. this curriculum can easily be supplemented into any time of the year- not just summer!


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