These Are The Days (Jan. 2022)

One of the reasons I love writing, both on this blog and in my journal, is because it helps me to remember the small, beautiful moments of this particularly more challenging season of raising two little boys.

Last week, I was listening to Emily P. Freeman’s podcast, The Next Right Thing. Actually, I was listening to Jamie Ivey’s The Happy Hour, and she was interviewing Emily. On that particular episode, Emily reminded me of the importance of writing things down. She does this by listing out the ordinary things that are happening in your life right now. She calls this list “These Are the Days Of.” Pretty sure I’ve written about this exact list on the blog a couple years ago.

I really love this concept and I hope to write down and share the elements of my days, weeks and months more consistently on here.

Let’s start today.

These are the days of…

Saturday morning hour runs all to myself

Ice skating with the boys

A new hockey stick, just Hudson’s size

Preschool closing for a week and feeling disappointed

Turning 28!

Spicy mango margaritas

A January day that felt like summer

The kindness of a good friend

Starbucks drive-thru on a Thursday

30-minutes peloton rides every Tuesday and Thursday

Will Rogers, Inspiration Point and chatting with a mom about “check point treats”

Googling and fixing things on my own

That down jacket I can finally wear again because I patched it

Ordering a canvas from Costco that has a picture of all four of us

June Shine

Tanaka farms with good friends

Pickling radishes and roasting carrots (both picked at the farm)

Deleting Instagram and finally feeling free from scrolling

Taking photos to truly capture a moment, not to post it

Getting lost in a good novel when both boys are asleep for the night. Just finished reading: The Midnight Library

Clusters of monarch butterflies hanging in the tree I ran by

Matching pajamas, every night

The most broken sleep

Noticing the leaves

My faded blue Yankee hat

Playground arguments over air hockey versus field hockey

These are the days.


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