Our Baby Sprinkle at the Beach

Last weekend, we celebrated baby Thatcher with a beautiful baby sprinkle at one of our favorite places…the beach! While life is beginning to feel a bit normal, we still wanted to be safe and have a really small outdoor celebration. The pandemic has really changed how we celebrate things, but in this case, having a beach picnic was the perfect way to celebrate our rainbow baby.

There are lots of amazing picnic businesses that will setup a picnic for you, but we decided to do it ourselves! My mother-in-law and mom did a great job creating a beautiful beach-themed picnic setup. I wanted to share some of the details over on here so I can remember it and also, hopefully it can give you some inspiration if you are planning a similar type of event!

The Table

Finding good tables seemed to be the biggest challenge for us. Since there is a high demand right now, smaller picnic/beach tables are really pricey and very small. My husband had the idea to use wood palettes and it was the perfect solution. He found a place near us called A&I Pallets and they sold each one for just $6. We needed just 4 of them and Lance stacked two together and nailed a flat piece of wood to create the perfect table size.

The table was mostly decorated by pieces gathered by mother-in-law. The blues, whites, and tan colors all went so nicely together! She also brought lots of plants and flowers that really helped the table come to life!

For seating, she brought lots of blankets that we also put large pillows over. This helped keep things a bit less sandy! We also brought some extra beach chair for more seating.

The Food

We ordered from one of my favorite sandwich and salad places, Mendocino Farms. My brought an E-Z Up Tent for all the food and drinks, which helped with shade since it was a beautiful, sunny day! Along with yummy sandwiches, salads, and fruit; my sister picked up cute cupcakes from one of our favorite bakeries, Susie Cakes. My mother-in-law even made some ocean-themed sugar cookies that turned out super cute.

The Favors

For favors, there were cute little succulents in these pretty ceramics and little hand sanitizers. I loved the way the succulents were also a perfect decoration for the table.

It was a really special day spent with mostly family and a few close friends! My heart felt very full after and I felt thankful to be celebrated in such a beautiful place that means so much to our family. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but last summer when we were walking through miscarriage, the beach was our place of healing. It felt especially special to be back on the beach and this time celebrating our rainbow baby.

Oh! And one other detail from this sprinkle that was similar to my baby shower with Hudson is that my mom ordered these quilt squares from Etsy. All the guests were able to write a message to baby Thatcher. My mom will send back all the squares and the seller on Etsy will then make it into a quilt! Hudson’s quilt is still always on his bed. It is a great keepsake and a fun and lasting way to remember the people that made the day special.


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