Hudson’s Third Birthday: Shark-Themed Party

It is crazy that our little baby is already 3 years-old! His birthday was already a couple weeks ago and I still can’t believe I have a 3 year-old. There is something about this year’s birthday that got me feeling really emotional. At two, Hudson still felt like he was our baby, but now at…… Continue reading Hudson’s Third Birthday: Shark-Themed Party

20-Month Old Update

How is our baby already 20-months old?  In 4-months, we have a 2-year old! Time, you can slow down just a tad.   It has been 20-months of being a mama.  20-months of baby snuggles and broken sleep.  20-months of falling in love with our crazy, baseball-loving, cookie-obsessed toddler, who feels more like a boy and…… Continue reading 20-Month Old Update